"Splore was really impressed with the Sunsonics Solar sound system, with the Solar rig and crew putting out a really warm, fat and fun vibe at the Art of Camping bar. We're definitely keen to work with Sunsonics again." — John Minty, Music Director of SPLORE Festival
"The Sunsonics team bought their solar generator and sound system to Splore Festival and ran the Red Bull Art of Camping stage. What a beautiful warm sounding system it is with the crowd loving the renewable energy vibe. Splore will advocate for Sunsonics for future events". — Amanda Wright, Arts Director of SPLORE Festival
"That was mean!" — Godsown: Earth hour event, Mount Maunganui.
"Awesome Sound" — DJ Sammy Senior (France)
"The Sound was really Beautiful" — DJ Isaac Aeseli (NZ)
"Great Sound" — Shona Laing (NZ Music Hall of Fame & The NZ Herald Legacy Award)
"I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Sunsonics system sounded. Dynamic sound generated from the sun . Outstanding . Really warm sound , strong bass , good midrange and tops and a definitive direction forward for the future ; Sunsonics will surely be a favourite at festivals and events with an innovative and dynamic audio system that will captivate audiences and artists with its progressive direction." — Al Green, Director of Rhythm & Vines