"I was pleasantly surprised with how well the Sunsonics system sounded. Dynamic sound generated from the sun. Outstanding. Really warm sound, strong bass, good midrange and tops and a definitive direction forward for the future; Sunsonics will surely be a favourite at festivals and events with an innovative and dynamic audio system that will captivate audiences and artists with its progressive direction."

— Al Green, Director of Rhythm & Vines

"Splore was really impressed with the Sunsonics Solar sound system, with the Solar rig and crew putting out a really warm, fat and fun vibe at the Art of Camping bar. We're definitely keen to work with Sunsonics again."

— John Minty, Music Director of SPLORE Festival

"The Sunsonics system is, from my experience one of my favourite live systems around. The attention to detail and clarity that it produces is really impressive. Plus the crew are really fun to work with and skilled.".

— Chris Chetland, Award winning Audio Engineer, Kog Studios.

"The Sunsonics team bought their solar generator and sound system to Splore Festival and ran the Red Bull Art of Camping stage. What a beautiful warm sounding system it is with the crowd loving the renewable energy vibe. Splore will advocate for Sunsonics for future events".

— Amanda Wright, Arts Director of SPLORE Festival

"Awesome Sound"

— DJ Sammy Senior (France)

"The Sound was really Beautiful"

— DJ Isaac Aeseli (NZ)

"Great Sound"

— Shona Laing (NZ Music Hall of Fame & The NZ Herald Legacy Award)