Sunsonics Technical Specifications

Solar Generator

Continuous Output at 25⁰C 2.0kVA
Peak Power Output at 25⁰C (30 mins) 2.5 kVA
Peak Power Output at 25⁰C (5 second spikes) 7.0 kVA
Output Voltage (Pure sine wave, Adjustable) 190 – 245V (240V standard)
Output Frequency (Adjustable) 45 – 65 Hz
Power Output Connections 6 x 15A 240V
Solar Power Input – Trailer only 825W
Solar Power Input – Trailer & Freestanding array 1.65 kW (max of 2.5 kW)
Wind/water power input 2.0 kW max
Continuous Run Time (no solar charge) @ 1.0 kVA (typical band, PA and stage and lighting set up) 11 Hours
Trailer loading (weight) 800 kg’s
Solar generator set up time (Trailer) 10 mins

PA System

Sunsonics HK Audio PA 8500W
HK Audio Compact, Hi power, Hi Fidelity Accoustics
Power Rating 6600 W (from 2000W - 8500W available on request)
Audience 600

HK Audio provides consistently transparent and warm sound at all volume levels, from subdued dinner accompaniment to full-blown concert sound throughout the hall.


LED lighting Suits small - med stage. Custom LED lighting available as required

Technical Sound Superiority

Generally power from the Mains Grid is "dirty power". Regular "clean" power enters homes, buildings, and offices at 60 Hz. The increased use of electrical power overloads electrical grid base, which distributes the power. Power is "dirty" or polluted when it contains the high frequency signals flowing through overloaded wires, and not just clean 60 Hz power.

Sunsonics offers truly staggering sound quality — Our battery bank provides power through a pure sine wave inverter giving the system a clearer, more pure sound; avoiding the harmonic interference and voltage fluctuations of traditional mains power.